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Server And Technology

The CirrusServer DP-C8080B leverages an innovative and patented technology known as the Protean Processing Engine. This groundbreaking processor design employs an array of hardware logic gates that closely resemble the intricate neural pathways of the human brain.

Specifically engineered to excel at repetitive number crunching tasks prevalent in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other computationally intensive applications, the Protean Processing Engine ushers in a new era of server performance.

The DP-C8080B boasts an impressive configuration featuring eight distinct clusters, each comprising twenty processors. These Protean Processing Engines are interconnected through a high-speed Infiniband backbone, facilitating swift and seamless data transportation. This sophisticated architecture enables the server to efficiently distribute the processing workload, leading to unparalleled levels of speed and responsiveness. Moreover, this intelligent design achieves unprecedented levels of power efficiency, underscoring the DP-C8080B as an environmentally conscious and cost-effective solution.

By harnessing the exceptional power and efficiency of the Protean Processing Engine, the CirrusServer DP-C8080B offers an unparalleled computing experience for artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other computationally demanding applications. Its remarkable performance, combined with its elegant design, positions the DP-C8080B as a remarkable and enticing choice for organisations seeking cutting-edge processing capabilities.

Elastic Architecture

Introducing the CirrusServer DP-C8080B, a remarkable and compact self-contained rack configuration meticulously designed for optimal efficiency. With a space-conscious 42U rack layout, this high-performance server packs an impressive punch while occupying only a slightly larger footprint than a standard fridge/freezer. Its exceptional specifications and innovative features make it a standout choice for a range of applications.

The DP-C8080B showcases two compartments—one in the front and one in the rear—housing a total of 160 Protean Processing Engine plug-in cards.


This impressive setup delivers unparalleled processing power, equivalent to the number crunching capability of a staggering 1,280 Conventional Blade Servers. Each Protean Processing Engine plug-in card incorporates advanced processing technology, meticulously optimised for efficiency and speed, resulting in seamless handling of even the most demanding computing tasks.

Beyond its performance capabilities, the CirrusServer DP-C8080B stands out for its longevity and reliability. Its unique and compact design is purpose-built to ensure dependable and efficient operation, offering a robust solution for high-performance computing requirements.

Furthermore, this server exhibits exceptional adaptability, excelling in high ambient temperature environments and requiring minimal airflow for cooling, eliminating the need for expensive air conditioning or water cooling systems. This eco-friendly approach minimises energy consumption and enhances cost-effectiveness.

Setting up the CirrusServer DP-C8080B is a breeze, with quick and hassle-free deployment possible within a matter of hours. Its compact form factor allows for flexible installation in diverse locations, including shipping containers, with just power and data connections needed to get it up and running.

In summary, the CirrusServer DP-C8080B represents the epitome of exceptional performance, energy efficiency, longevity, and reliability in an intelligently designed and compact package. Its ability to thrive in high ambient temperature environments, combined with its effortless deployment and cost-effective operation, positions it as an enticing choice for businesses and organisations seeking powerful yet practical solutions for their high-performance computing needs.

Additionally, the CirrusServer DP-C8080B boasts unique features that cater specifically to mobile applications and scenarios requiring a battery backup system. Its notable ability to operate with both AC and DC power supplies offers unparalleled flexibility, making it a versatile option for various power configurations.

With the CirrusServer DP-C8080B, peace of mind is assured through its fault-tolerant design. The server is divided into eight separate clusters, with each cluster comprising 20 Protean processing engines. In the event of a fault, the system remains unaffected, allowing engineers to address specific processing engines or clusters without disrupting overall operations, guaranteeing uninterrupted service. Each Protean processing engine is equipped with its own plugin card featuring a highly efficient switch-mode power supply. This power supply not only provides local power to the card but also feeds back onto the cluster reservoir, ensuring redundancy and system uptime in the event of a power supply unit failure.

In addition to its impressive versatility, the CirrusServer DP-C8080B shines as an energy-efficient solution, consuming a mere 30% of the power consumed by traditional cloud servers. Furthermore, it dissipates a mere 5% of the heat generated, making it an environmentally-friendly option that obviates the need for air conditioning or water cooling.

Experience the exceptional capabilities of the CirrusServer DP-C8080B—an innovative server that merges performance, efficiency, and reliability in a sophisticated and space-saving design. The CirrusServer DP-C8080B stands as a unique HPC server, setting itself apart with its exceptional capability to be powered from both a 220V AC or DC power supply. This distinctive feature allows for flexible connectivity to the electrical grid or a battery bank, offering a range of benefits and applications.


Intelligent Offloading System

In real-world scenarios, it is a common observation that a mere 10% of a software application carries out a staggering 90% of the program's workload. This striking phenomenon highlights the immense potential for enhancing application performance and reducing power consumption by leveraging the Protean Processing Engines of the CirrusServer DP-C8080B.

Introducing Intelligent Offloading, a powerful feature of the CirrusServer DP-C8080B. With this advanced capability, an Application Host seamlessly connects to the server, taking charge of crucial tasks such as input and output management.

Meanwhile, the bulk of the processing burden is skillfully delegated to the CirrusServer, which intelligently leverages one or more Protean Processing Engines based on the level of demand.

This intelligent approach empowers the server to optimise its processing resources while simultaneously minimising energy consumption, resulting in an unparalleled level of efficiency and performance for the entire system. By offloading complex processing tasks to the CirrusServer, the software application experiences a streamlined operation, with only trivial portions executed by the Application Host.

This strategic utilisation of processing resources ensures optimal performance and unlocks significant improvements in overall system performance.

Experience the transformative power of the CirrusServer DP-C8080B and its Intelligent Offloading capability, where performance is amplified, power consumption is minimised, and the software application is seamlessly streamlined. Witness how this intelligent processing approach revolutionises system efficiency, setting new standards for customer satisfaction and operational excellence.



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Can be used as a GPU, which handles computation only for computer graphics to perform computation in applications traditionally handled by the CPU.


Can create an abstract model to simulate the behavior and response of a wide range of systems and prototypes exponentially faster than our competition.

Machine Learning

Can run AI applications that provide systems the ability to automatically learn and improve without being programmed.

Artificial Intelligence

Can be used to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence.

Disaster Recovery

Can quickly be delivered and connected to provide immediate data center support


Can be easily moved from one location to another and deployed within hours