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The Specifications


Why choose our server ?

Type Conveyor Belt Processor
Processor Quantity 160
Clustering 8 Clusters of 20 Protean Processing Engines
Processors Front Back
Processor Type Protean Protean
Processor Model CBA-258-xx CBA-258-xx
Speed Upto 5 GHz Upto 5 GHz
Number 80 80
RAM Front Back
Quantity 1 Tb 1 Tb
Storage Front Back
Interface SATA3 None
Hard Disk x 1 x 1
SSD x 2 x 2
Other Customer Option Customer Option
Height 7 ft
Width 4 ft
Depth 5 ft
Weight 460 lbs
Ambient Temperature Range Low 10 oC
High 54 oC
Humidity Range Low 20% RH Non-condensing
High 90% RH Non-condensing
Security Locking Front and Rear Compartments, and Side Compartments
Inlet Supply Type AC or DC
Voltage Low 180 V
High 264 V
Frequency (AC Supply) Low 47 Hz
High 63 Hz
Nominal Current 250 A (@240V)
Nominal Power 40,000 W

How The Cirrus Cloud Is Different From Others :-

Our server is in card form whereas others are in half width, full width or double wide and double height. We use Protean CB-258-2A CPU but other processors like Cisco B200 MS, Dell M640 all use Intel Xeon SP. Our model has more than 150 max number of CPUs which makes us much faster than others which have only 3 max CPUs. We use all types of supported drive systems whether it is SAS, SATA, SSD, MVNe, not like HPE Synergy GEN 10 or Lenovo Flex SN850 which support SAS, SATA, SSD that makes us more and more flexible to work for your desired drive type.

High traditional storage of more than 160,000 GB which helps you to store the huge amount of data as much as you want which is quite high as compared to other ones that only have 2000 to 8000 GBs and our max memory DIMM is also comparatively very high of 1024 GBs not like others that don't have more than 250 GBs of max DiMMS storage even we have more amount of DIMM slots which are 640 which increases our storage many times than others because no thar server have more slots than 48 . We have no Mezz Slots including LOM whereas the other products in the market have more than 40 Mezz slots in them.

We have 1,280 cores per system however others have only 50 to 112 cores per system which make us comparable much faster than other cloud service providers. Our podcast is much more affordable as it is more than 1.000,000$ cheaper than Huawei FusionServer E9000 and 200,000 more cost efficient than Fujitsu Primergy BX2560 as we consume very less electricity that is only 4000 kw as well as capital cost is also very low that is only 1,500,000$ which comparatively very less than market.


Our Beginning

Welcome to Cirrus Cloud Server , the world's leading innovators in cloud-capable computing supercomputers. We are not just builders of high-performance computers; we are pioneers shaping the future of AI and high-computation uses.
Our journey began with a modest yet ambitious project: to create an energy-efficient computing platform that would pave the way for progress. What blossomed from this initial spark of innovation is more than we could have imagined – an entirely new and patented platform that stands testament to our commitment towards ecological sustainability and top-notch performance. We have revolutionized the computing landscape by engineering a system that utilizes 92% less energy than conventional systems, a feat unheard of in the industry.
But we didn't stop at energy efficiency. Our mantra of 'innovate, disrupt, repeat' led us to challenge the status quo of high-cost computing. We made a bold move and slashed the cost barrier, making our systems 60% more affordable than the market average.

Our mission is simple yet audacious. We are here to make AI, machine learning, and high-computation capabilities accessible to businesses, regardless of their size. We believe in the power of these advanced technologies and are committed to democratizing them for small and midsize businesses. Because everyone should have the means to navigate the digital revolution.
We've built a company culture that thrives on innovation and fearlessly chases the impossible. Our team comprises passionate thinkers and doers, individuals who share a common goal to create technology that makes a difference. We value collaboration, integrity, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Every product we develop, every service we deliver, is a testament to these values.
At Cirrus Cloud Server, we understand that our investors play a critical role in our success. Our investors - high net worth individuals, family offices, private equity firms, and hedge funds - are fellow visionaries who share our passion for advanced technology and our belief in its potential. We offer them an opportunity to be a part of the current AI technology boom, and together, we are creating the future.
Join us on our journey as we continue to push boundaries, redefine norms, and make a lasting impact in the world of technology. Together, we can shape the future of AI and high computation uses.

Cirrus Cloud Server – Building Today for a Better, More Efficient Tomorrow.